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The 50K MUSIC MAG #150K MUSIC - 100% home-made!

Where does 50K MUSIC come from? Originally I started 50K MUSIC as a "printed" mag. Once there was the "SellaBand Tribune" featuring artists on SellaBand. Sometime in 2008 SellaBand did no longer publish the Tribune. So I started writing the 50K MUSIC MAG.

But the MAG was never intended to be a substitute for the Tribune. The basic intention and idea of the MAG was to support SellaBand artists in promoting their music. Due to all the changes on SellaBand I decided to widen the focus to (fan-funded) independent music in general. So I support every independent artist who tries to fan-fund music. Please contact me if you want the support of 50K MUSIC. I'm open minded for ideas and suggestions. But please have a little patience with me if I do not reply immediately to your requests. I do 50K MUSIC as a hobby - so mostly my time for the website and the mag is very limited. I only ask you to be not so fussy when not everything looks perfect here. If you should find anything half-baked, offensive or unlawful here don't hesitate to drop me a line (mario-at-50kmusic.com) and I'll try to fix it asap.

I decided, for transparency reasons, to state the following:

  1. I do not earn money for writing or publishing anything - the amounts you eventually donate go to the other authors and contributors, not in my pocket,
  2. I have invested a few Dollars, Euros or Pounds in several artists I write about here, but I guess I won't earn money enough to make a living out of it,
  3. I try to "avoid" signed artists, but hey, if I love the music I'll write about it,
  4. 50K MUSIC is a non-commercial service and will definitely stay ad-free.

If you are interested in website stats - here are the figures of visitors as at August 2013*:












* Please note that a deal of these traffic is caused by bots, crawlers, ... At the moment I'm not able to make precise distinctions on figures of machine or human traffic. I'd be grateful for any help on this.